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AUG. 15th. 2015

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Support Omeil new project with a pre-order of her new song called "Coco" or with a download of just one song off her previous recorded project(s) which you can find on Itunes by clicking here.

Omeil ( is proud to announce her indigogo campaign for her second studio album in over 10 years - Yes 10 Years! Omeil, known as the Reggae Sweetheart or The Princess Reggae, has been working hard to take her second studio album beyond her small Island of Jamaica and create an international presence, but in order to make the new album “worldwide” it requires help. Yes Help, financial help

In Jamaica, instead of saying “She's Back”, they would say “Shi bak” and that is exactly it. Omeil is back with her new single “Coco” which is ready to survive the billboard charts and pre-ordering from her indiegogo campaign. Outside of the hot new single from her upcoming album, Omeil is struggling to make an impact on the world. It's hard to make it in business and simply in life without support.  When 100,000 people download the new single or her previous work, a great change is made in someone's life. You can download and support Omeil's album on August 1, 2016: by going directly to iTunes and downloading one song from her previous album here:

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